EthosCE Product Suggestions

Viewing whether a course is complete from outside the course [General Learner Features] (4)
Organizing feature requests [EthosCE Product Suggestions] (6)
Auto Calculation of RSS Hours of Instruction [RSS Administration] (2)
Enrollment questions - changes to process [Course administration] (2)
Event Management Apps [Integrations] (4)
Add expiration date to slides [Site administration] (3)
New ROLES within Ethos PRO [Roles and Permissions] (13)
Quiz question-level comments [Course Outlines and Objects] (4)
Multiple SKUs for One Course? [Course administration] (2)
Floating save button on the edit pages [Course administration] (10)
New Role Proposal: Course Admin that only has access to their own courses [Roles and Permissions] (8)
Enrollment Confirmation Emails [Course administration] (2)
Catalog: Searching Courses by True Date Range [Site administration] (3)
Automatic Server Task to Run Every 4-6 Hours to check Uploaded Rosters and Match to Recently Created Users [Site administration] (5)
Make Course/Series/Session Creation Keyboard Friendly [Course administration] (2)
Multisite installation of Drupal [Site administration] (2)
Comprehensive Transcript [General Learner Features] (4)
Mobile Evaluations/Quizzes - RSS [RSS Administration] (2)
New to EthosCE and in Need of Suggestions [EthosCE Product Suggestions] (7)
Bulk enrollment [Course administration] (4)
Adding layers to attributes [Course administration] (4)
Course expirations on Pending Activities page [General Learner Features] (9)
Webinar interface [Integrations] (12)
Higher Logic Integration [Integrations] (4)
Choosing the order of courses in course listing [Site administration] (3)
Additional Attribute Features/Support for Complex Courses [Course administration] (11)
Pre-requisite course option enabled for RSS courses [RSS Administration] (6)
Timer on iFrame [Course Outlines and Objects] (15)
Single Login per Account [Site administration] (5)
Export of SCORM question responses [Reports and Analytics] (4)