Anonymous users

We have some content that is in SCORM file format that we want to make available to ANYONE, including people without accounts (anonymous users). In the course shell, there doesn’t appear to be an option to allow anonymous users to access courses. You can set webforms (and a couple of other things) to allow for this, but not courses. I do find it interesting that if you DON’T check anything on the Prerequisites tab under ‘Restrict enrollment to roles’, the default is ‘authenticated user’ (so it seems redundant to offer ‘authenticated user’ in that list).

We are creating content that we want to make universally accessible regarding compounding allergen immunotherapy in the clinical setting. We don’t want to restrict access in any way. Since the content was created in Articulate Rise, the only way we can provide access is through a SCORM file, so therefore via a course, which requires the user to be authenticated–no anonymous users allowed in courses. The plan is to have separate credit claiming (keep in mind that I’m not setting this up, so I’m not sure of the big picture plan, so don’t ask those kinds of questions–I have no answers), in order to allow people to NOT have to create an account. We aren’t interested in tracking these people (??)–okay, the people having this done aren’t. I think the mindset is that we’re offering a public service that shouldn’t require people to have anything to do with us but this one course. I’m all for tracking everything we can track, but this isn’t my baby so it’s not my business and I’m trying not to get involved beyond advising.

Would anyone else find it useful to have an option to allow anonymous users to access some courses without having to have an account?

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