Can 2020 please be the year when we can finally multi-select users?

Please, please, PLEASE can 2020 be the year where the developers of EthosCE find a way to allow us to multi-select for things like ‘bulk’ adding to courses and learning groups (which is currently NOT bulk-capable), marking attendance, etc. It’s so TEDIOUS having to search and add for long lists. I’m in the middle of adding a relatively short list of people (about 60) to a closed learning group, and I’m ready to jump out my 12th floor office window.

Hi @gradecki,

It’s possible to bulk add enrollments, mark attendance, for one or multiple courses using the bulk course record import function.

It sounds like what you are looking for here is a bulk add of users to a learning group?

In this case, yes. In another recent case I had to manually mark attendance for 258 people. Took 2 hours.

The instructions you linked to are all about credit records. I don’t see anything in the instructions about bulk enrolling or marking attendance. Could you please clarify?

The importer imports course records, which can be enrollments, completions, attendance, or credits. They do not have to be credits.

Importing attendance records require only a user id and a value in the “attended” field.

To import attendance, use the import template, populate the user identifier (external_email or external_user_id) and in the “attended” column add a “1” for attended.

You can also do similar for attendance. The data dictionary explains the fields, but for enrollment, it can be as simple as just a user id. You’ll probably want to include the enrollment_start date and the participant_category for PARS.

The importer is a great tool for all kinds of scenarios. Hope this helps!