Ethos Report: Course Enrollments, Attendance, Course Completions, & Credits Received

Hi! I’m new here and curious what Ethos report everyone is using to track all course enrollments, attendance, course completions, and credits received. The “All Courses Report” seems like a good start, however, it appears to only provide data on those who completed courses. Does Ethos offer a report that not only includes those who completed the course, but also those who may have enrolled & attended, but did not complete the course or did not receive credit? Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you! -Jon

The all courses report at admin/reports/course/overview/list includes all enrolled learners and can be filtered by completion.

You can also do a drill-down from the “All courses dashboard” by clicking on the “Total enrollments” block. To get there click “Go to” and start typing in “All courses dashboard.”

Thank you, Ezra. However, our “All Courses Report” (admin/reports/course/overview) lists only those who have completed our courses. The report does not list users who did not complete the course or did not receive credit. Is there a report like this for all users, including those who have not yet completed their courses? -Thank you.

The all courses report should contain all enrolled users, not just completed. If that is not the case, please open a ticket and we can investigate.

Thanks Ezra! I’ll request that now…

Hello, I can confirm the ‘all courses report’ does display both enrolled and completed courses. I’ve provided the following steps in the JIRA ticket:

  1. Navigate to admin/reports/course/overview
  2. Click on Select link to filter by a course /admin/reports/course/overview/select
  3. Search by course title
  4. Click checkbox next to course and click ‘Filter’
  5. Click on CSV - enrolled and completed records are listed.

I re-ran the All Courses Report (admin/reports/course/overview/) for all courses in 2021, and it still only shows users who have completed the courses. It does not show user status for users who only enrolled, users who still need to take the post-test, or users who need to take the course evaluation.

The individual Course Reports appear to have the correct user status. For reporting accuracy, could you please update the All Courses Report to reflect the same user status as indicated in the individual Course Reports? -Thank you!

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Looking to see if we can retrieve this data another way via the “Enrollments vs Completions” table on the “All Courses Dashboard” (see below). However, when we download the data from that table, it only provides the total number of “Complete” and “Incomplete” enrollments. Could you please update this dashboard report so that it produces a full list (course, username, email, etc.) of all “Complete” or “Incomplete” user enrollments? -Thank You!
Enrollments vs Completions Table

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