Linking SKUs and attributes between courses

I’m not going into the long story about why I’m asking this, but I’m wondering if anyone has ever used the same SKU and/or attribute(s) for a course and a standalone product in the past (maybe for pre-registration and on-site registration for a single event, for example?).

I’d like to keep the money bit simple for a solution I’m working on, that would allow users to pay on a standalone product for a course where enrollments are closed and we’ve been told to allow a few more registrants who are mostly VIPs. We don’t want to reopen enrollment to the general public (because it would be a free-for-all), so I thought I’d set up a product that would be linked to the original SKU and use the same attribute for payment purposes.

If you have, please share how that worked out on the orders report and if you ran into any glitches or bugs.

Thank you!

We’ve done this many times. Our course SKU always includes the course NODE #, and any subsequent product SKUs we create that we want “connected” to this course we also include that same node #. The entire SKU isn’t the same, just the # in the SKU is. For example if we have an internal medicine conference with node 7983, my course node will be IM19_7983. I also have to create a VIP registration (using your example) so I create a product called IM19VIP_7983, and use the same pricing attribute(s) if desired.

Then, when we run our closeout report, we go to Wrench > Admin > Reports > Course Reports > Course Order Report. I put 7983 in the SKU field to search for everything that has 7983 in the SKU.

We’ve done this a lot when people don’t select workshops (that cost extra) when they register and then decide later that they want to attend them. We set up a workshop-only product with the same node # in the SKU as the original conference.



We use our SKU system (19R09876 - YearLocationFinanceNumber) and then we just put a -1 after it to indicate the session or -A to indicate a product. As an example:
19R09876 = Parent Page
19R09876-EX = Exhibitor Product page (for Exhibitors to purchase a booth)
19R09876-S = Syllabus purchase
19R09876-1 = General Session
19R09876-2 = Post-Conference Workshop

Then, we just run a report on 19R09876 and we get all of our SKUs. Works good for us, as well as our Finance people to ensure they get redirected to the right course.

Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic


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