Test Site functionality

I have started using our test site more heavily to try things out before creating them in Production, and have a question/request:

When I want to use graphics or documents I can’t upload them or access my existing library on the test site. For a current project I’m working on related to a complete overhaul of my Home page, I’d like to use a lot of graphics that I will link to specific pages on our site, but because I can’t access them I can’t test out how they work and what things would actually look like. This is frustrating. Why can’t I use this function on the test site?

Currently we don’t sync files from prod to test unless requested. There can be many many gigabytes of files so it is slow to sync sites as well as causing file space issues on our shared test environments.

However we are readying a new environment that will simplify this process and ensure the files are always available in test. Stay tuned for more information coming on this in the coming months!

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