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Hi All-

For those who do private Learning Groups Is there a way that I could bulk import a large group of members for the Learning Group? I know how to add individually, but if I have 200-500 people it will take awhile to do. If this is something that cannot be done now, can we import large groups in the future?



Just a theory…

Could you import them into a course that belongs to a private learning group? Wouldn’t they automatically become members of that group then?

I would like to know the answer as well, for a discussion group. Has anyone done this?


One group is only going to use it for discussions and news items so that will not work for us. The import to a course is a good thought though.


Couldn’t you keep the course out of their transcript and the catalog, so it’s essentially hidden? But the group would still show in their account.


Hello! Importing the users into an unpublished course could add them as members to the group as well!

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