External Checkout System in Ethos

Does anyone use an external checkout system for Ethos? We’ve been looking into ways to utilize our organization’s payment/checkout system instead of PayPal for Ethos and are running into problems. We’ve opened a support ticket and were referred to a Web Services example: E-Commerce with external checkout via web services - EthosCE LMS Documentation - Confluence

This is a bit over my head and I’m not sure how to use web services. Has anyone done this before and willing to share their practices to get something like this up and running?

We explored using an external cart but ultimately deemed this solution to not be feasible due to losses in functionality and unnecessary complexity.


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Our University uses Touchnet for all credit card transactions. https://www.touchnet.com/

Thanks! We are finding this process to be a little too complex as well.

Is Touchnet integrated with your EthosCE site?

Yes, The process was managed by our Finance/Commerce department, Ethos, and Touchnet

Hi, we were using Authorize.net until Mayo moved everyone processing credit card payments Tempus as their enterprise solution, however, our student record system uses TouchNet due to some of functionality TouchNet provides for student accounts, billing, etc.

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