Help us gather learner feedback by sharing this survey!

Hi everyone! As one of Cadmium’s UX designers, I am working on gathering more data about the learner experience in EthosCE. Thank you to everyone who has shared and continues to share feedback about learner pain points in the system.

Now, I’d like to collect feedback directly from your learners. I’ve created a short Google Form Survey that asks learners about their experience with EthosCE.

Would you be willing to share this survey link directly with your learners?

Here is a short blurb you are welcome to use/tailor as needed when sending the survey:
“EthosCE (a Cadmium product) is the name of the Learning Management System that our organization uses. Their User Experience Designer is conducting research with learners to better understand the learner experience with EthosCE so that they may continue improving the product to meet your needs.”

I would be happy to share findings from learners in your organization.

Thank you very much for your help! Please comment or email me with any comments, questions or concerns.

Ellery Seither

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