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I often have to add people on the back end of a course (i.e., faculty and/or walk ins to a live meeting who aren’t registered through Ethos) and would love to be able to compile a list before submitting and approving their addition. Having to search and add one by one can be time-consuming if the list is more than a handful of people. It is, after all, called “Bulk enrollment.”


Hi Gail,

Can you provide more information on what you are looking for?

If users have accounts in EthosCE, there is the option to bulk import enrollments by using the standard course record importer (by adding a 0 in the ‘complete’ column of the CSV).

If you are looking to bulk add new users to the system, we do have a custom user importer add-on available.



Sign-in sheets are almost always pictures that the meeting coordinators take with their phones and email me. I would have to create a spreadsheet to to an import., which isn’t worth my time. I would just like the Search and Enroll feature to hold onto everyone I search for and select, until I’m ready to add and confirm them.

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