EthosCE Enrollment groups


Good Afternoon!

We are fairly new to the world of EthosCE so I apologize in advance if my terminology is not completely up to speed. :smile:

Our organization is member focused working with physicians and we just had our EthosCE training working towards an early Summer go live date. We are in the process of launching a curriculum for fellows where we hoped to use enrollment groups to manage specific groups at various Institutions. From our understanding, enrollment groups have the ability to search for everyone in your customized database making them privy to personal information, etc. Ultimately, we would like for site admins to create user groups, assign members, give specific people access and allow them to run reports, mark as attended, and assign courses only to the people within their group. They should not be able to search for and add additional members. Is this something that can be done through the role of “Series Admin.” If not, is this a feature that can be considered in the future?

The possibility of the site admin being able to disable the “search” button for users within those enrollment groups is another way of possibly creating this workaround.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.



Hi @alogan, thanks for posting your question and welcome to the community!

You are correct, enrollment groups admins have the ability to search for users in your database in order to enroll them. If you expect your enrollment group managers to be external users, then this will be a privacy concern.

For another customer we have modified this interface to only accept email address. If there is no matching email address then nothing happens and they cannot search the user database with this method. It does require that the admin know the email addresses of the person to be enrolled.

The idea of an enrollment group admin who can only enroll learners already in the group is interesting and something we’ll consider as a core feature. It may be possible to do this as custom as well.