Calendar Functionality

We use the calendar to list our ongoing series but navigation is difficult. Instead of the previous and next buttons, need a drop down dynamic calendar search that you can jump to a month/year without having to click through all the other months.

I agree! We have also requested this in the past. The response we were given was to right-click and copy the URL on the previous or next button and paste into the browser. Then you can manipulate the month/year that you want to view (ours looks like this: DMU CME |). However, how are users supposed to know to do this?? If someone is coming to town a few months down the road, it would be nice for them to be able to easily navigate to that month of the calendar without having to click month by month.

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I hadn’t heard that solution but I agree, for the end user looking at our calendar to see what is available the calendar function is just clunky and frustrating.

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