Mobile Menu Updates: What mobile menu options do your learners need?

Hello everyone! My name is Ellery and I am a new UX Designer for Cadmium.

I am working on updates to the mobile menu navigation for learners. I would love to hear from you! What are the most common tasks your learners need to complete on your mobile site? What menu items do they need quick access to?

Feel free to comment below, and let me know if you’d like to chat live about this topic.

Thank you!

Hey Ellery! Our mobile users’ main pain-point is having to click the hamburger menu multiple times in order to navigate to the right page to update their email address & mobile number. After they log in, is there a way they could click the hamburger menu and already see the full menu of options, including: “Edit Profile” , “Mobile Number” , and “Pending Activities”? Could we “unhide” those options on that initial menu? -Thank you!

Thanks Jon! I’ll definitely take these into consideration.