Convey Global Disclosure System - integration with Ethos

Greetings all! We have a meeting next week with Ethos and Convey - the Global Disclosure System developed by the AAMC:

Convey allows users to have one central repository for their commercial interests, and then approve disclosure requests from entities based on that entity’s disclosure criteria. The power in this system is that the end user has ONE central repository that we all tap into for disclosure.

UW School of Medicine and Public Health will be using Convey as their disclosure system in the near future for all staff and faculty. We are looking to find a way to integrate with Ethos so that we can use this not only with our UW faculty, but any external faculty as well. Is anyone else’s institutuion looking into Convey? Would any of you be interested in hearing more about this?

Yes, I would be interested in being included to listen to what this is about.

Michelle Stubley


I’d be interested to learn more about this. We haven’t adopted Convey yet but have had some preliminary discussions. Please keep us posted!


I would be interested, too.


Yes, would be interested in what you learn.



I would be interested to see what this has to offer.