Faculty Management Module

Hello Ethos Community:

As a new EthosCE user I was interested in starting a conversation regarding your experiences with the faculty management module within the platform. Currently, we do not believe the faculty management module is aligned with the CE toolkit the ACCME disseminated last year and does not control for Content Validation, Conflict Mitigation, and additional COI information we need to collect. We do not want to have a duplicative process in which we use the faculty management module to collect half of the information we require and then have to send a paper version via email to collect what is missing. Does anyone have any ideas or strategies for how to align this?

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Welcome to the community! We use AAMC Convey Global Disclosure system, which we have integrated with Ethos, instead of the faculty management. Let me know if you want to talk further about this!

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Thank you Julie! I look forward to connecting with you to learn more.

I find the faculty module very clunky and hard to use. Am I missing something? Going multiple places to fill out information seems counterintuitive and I have difficulty navigating any of the information. Also, it does appear to not be in full compliance given the “relevant financial relationships” vs. “all financial relationships” that need to be reported language that is used on the form. @JAM I might reach out to you as well.

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Our organization has experienced the same. We really do not wish to look for another solution outside of EthosCE since the facilitation of disclosure is included in the software. Our hope is that there are improvements made to this part of the application so that it works more smoothly and with full compliance in mind.

When I think of faculty module I think more than just disclosure and COI. Think about their lecture title, day/time presenting, monitoring if they completed all forms needed, getting an honorarium, similar to a checklist of items that you need to track they have/have not completed.

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We use the faculty management tab to add the faculty to an activity - the names/emails are passed to Convey and Convey triggers an email that gives them a unique link to disclose in Convey. The disclosure info from Convey displays in Ethos (currently both internally and publicly, but we are looking to make some display modifications), but is stored in Convey. We don’t use the faculty module for anything else, but I believe we still could also make use of the other features if we wanted to. AAMC has been fantastic to work with. Their COI system is very well thought out and customizable, and they are on top of any changes to policies and compliance requirements. Convey, Global Disclosure System

Hi all – we are currently working with EthosCE on the faculty module and agree that there are challenges. Elizabeth – we concur with your feedback on the difficulty in accessing information in multiple places and with the navigation. It would be helpful if we could collect planner disclosure information with the activity application form/add-on so that we may identify and mitigate relevant financial relationships at the beginning of the planning process for planners. The current disclosure collection process does not align with our work flow.

It would be great if we could have a discussion as a community and make recommendations to enhance this feature. Thank you. Danna