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Hi All,
We are finding that the way course filtering is organized is not ideal. Currently, courses sorted by credit type, format, category, etc. are listed in order by the number of courses that fall in that category, with the highest in that group listed first, and going to the least. We feel that having the filtering alphabetical is more intuitive and helpful to learners. They are not necessarily looking for the most popular topic area or credit type, and its can be difficult in a long list if things are not alpha. What are others’ experiences with this?

Also, would like to see the learning groups allow for this same type of filtering. This would be helpful for those in the learning groups.

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Yes, alphabetizing would be great. We have a statement instructing participants to alphabetize.


Hi Jessica,

We ran into the same issue when we started with Ethos about 5 years ago. Unable to solve the problem, we built a page on top of the system that allows us to list courses in alpha order and using professions headings. It’s not ideal because of the extra work involved but it makes it easier for customers to find the courses they need. You can look at our website at

Lauren Robertson
ATrain Education


I agree. It would make things so much easier for us and attendees.


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