Enhancement - Support for Additional Learning Activities (H5P, LTI, folder uploads)

In future versions of the platform, we’d love to have additional learning activities available in course outlines. Among these could be support for

  • h5p authoring - over 50 content types that are supported by the free software in the Drupal CMS

  • LTI files

  • Ability to upload a directory or multiple files at once in the content manager


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The multiple files would be great - it always seems that I have more than one to upload and that takes a bit of time.

Susan - Mayo Clinic

Yes! We are actively exploring LTI and H5P for our LMS products. We are currently targeting end of Q1 2025 for those, but that could change. I can provide more updates as this progresses. There is some limited LTI functionality that exists today, so it may be worth exploring any specific 3rd party tools you wish to connect to in the meantime with our team.