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I am very new to Ethos, having attended only one crash course training. Does anyone know whether it is possible to integrate Captivate self-paced tutorials into the Ethos platform? For example, can a course shell be built in Ethos and then the Captivate tutorial imbedded in the same way a you tube video might be imbedded in the course as a portion of the content?

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Yes I we have used Captivate in an activity. There was an issue with the Captivate file itself that we had to fix, but the Ethos upload part worked fine. If you need more information, happy to provide!

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Thank you for your response. That is great news! Is there a specific file format you needed to use to make this happen?

Hi Rhonda,

Here is more information from the coordinator who builds many of our enduring activities.

All files created in an authoring platform (ie. Captivate, Storyline, etc) need to be converted to a .zip file – there’s an option to do this within the software. Then, the .zip file is uploaded as a SCORM/TinCan within an activity.

Here’s a good walkthrough:

Hope this helps!

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