Formatting Paintbrush Tool


I have been noticing different font and formatting throughout our pages since we copy and paste a lot of content from different documents we use. To help with consistency of text/ font, I would love an option like Microsoft Word has that is a Format Painter to make the pages more consistent. If i am missing this somewhere that already exists, please let me know (I will be so thankful!)

Yes please! We have to paste everything into notepad to pull out the formatting (or paste directly into the source code) and its so tedious and leaves too much room for error. Would LOVE this feature to be added and would save us tons of time.

Likewise! Always paste everything in Notepad first. A button feature to address this would be nice.

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Why not just select everything and use the Remove Format button on the WYSIWYG boxes (the Tx button on the top)? That will remove all formatting and allow you to start from scratch.

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The paintbrush tool in Word adjusts spacing issues in conjunction to any formatting on the text itself. I use Notepad to remove everything, from wonky text sizes to weird indentations. I find the Tx button doesn’t always address space problems (and neither does Notepad but it’s more reliable to me).

The other advantage is the tool in Word will clear formatting and also reformat it for you to match surrounding text. The Tx button will remove the excess formatting but you have to manually fix anything not removed and if your surrounding text has formatting (let’s say you use purple font) you’d need to manually add that back in.

I’m curious…What are you encountering that isn’t addressed by the Tx button? I’ve run into line spacing, but nothing else.

Spacing issues. I get faculty listings, for example, in excel, and word documents. Sometimes spacing issues are corrected, sometimes they are not.

And I think for the paintbrush addition, I like the idea of it matching the format of surrounding text versus making you do it manually.

I agree. Also having the tool match font colors or highlights would be helpful. When we close online registration but still allow people to register onsite, I like adding that in a color font so it sticks out on a page.

The copying formatting issue used to be addressed with the clipboard paste option, which is now disabled in Chrome (not sure about Firefox as I always build in Chrome). I miss that darn clipboard.

I think it would help if the text color options matched our individual theme colors, at the very least.