Good Ethos CSS examples

Hello community. I am wondering if anyone has examples of unique and interesting CSS revamps they’ve done of their learning groups? I am not looking for anyone’s source code, but just some examples (screenshots or links (preferred)). Thank you

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I’m also interested in seeing how others have reworked their sites!

Please look at our site and helpful feedback is always appreciated!!!

Susan Benysh

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Love this thread - we are thinking of tweaking some of ours. Would love any feedback!

Your onboarding process looks great! We’re been thinking about incorporating a feature that helps our providers track their recertification requirements. Is this a custom-made feature or is there a service you’ve incorporated into Ethos? I’d love to talk about it with you!

Hi Liz,

Yes, would love to chat with you. Let’s set it up! Mhy email is

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