Marketing with Teasing Content

We’d like to start using some of the content from our courses to ‘tease’ out the material (linking to bits of a manuscript and then having a “for the full thing and CME/CE credit click here” using sample questions from the pre/post-tests etc. Has anyone done this with success? Was also thinking of using Twitter polls but unfortunately I don’t think you can target the people who answered your poll with the correct answer when the poll closes.


You can do polls through EthosCE. I would assume at the very least you can pull a report with responses and send out the correct answer via email. We’ve never used the poll feature, but now you have me thinking about giving it a try.

Hi Gail,
Thanks! We haven’t used Polls in ethos before but are thinking more for marketing on social media. I’m not sure how we’d use this, but I’ll have a think on it!

What if you built a very simple course/course page with the teaser content and made it open access, then shared the link on social media? That would drive users directly to your site, and you could use the EthosCE marketing feature to give them the link to the actual course once they’ve had a taste.

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