MOC Credit Reporter for ABS

Is anyone having trouble with the MOC Credit Reporter for ABS? We were told our MOC Credit Reporter was functional but we accidently discovered that MOC credits were not showing in PARS. With end of the year approaching soon, we are very concerned.


My organization recently migrated to EthosCE in July so our experience is limited. A few weeks ago we discovered the MOC credit for learners is not consistently appearing in PARS. We only report ABIM MOC but the process is same. Our account manager is aware of the situation and created a ticket for resolution.

Like you, I have concern with our PARS reporting. I expect this year will require more work but the goal is to have everything fully functional by January 1 for the 2024 reporting cycle.

We are manually reporting until we get all the kinks worked out.

Us too. We have had a ticket about this issue since July 2023.

I am having significant difficulty. EthosCE wants to charge my program $5,500 for the first year and an annual fee of $1,500 to enable MOC reporting. That is not a cost I can afford, so we are manually reporting. My recommendation to EthosCE was that, unless a large fee is paid, if they are not sharing MOC data with PARS, it should not appear under the ACCME tab. Until recently, because I was entering the MOC information along with my activity information, I incorrectly assumed it was being shared with PARS.

Thank you all for sharing your feedback. I wanted to chime in here to build confidence that EthosCE, as a technology partner of ACCME, is set up to be able to report to PARS both learner activities and credits. Any issues or new enhancements that come up from ACCME are taken with the utmost priority as this is a key feature of the LMS and a main value driver for you, our site admins. We do have many customers who are configured with MOC reporters for ABS and other boards and working as expected.

That being said, with many of the changes this year with ACCME and specifically with ABS change and adding new boards, there is a larger number of customers who have submitted tickets to make changes and to start automated reporting. I do not know all the details of each specific scenario who commented on this chain, but would recommend if you have not already done so, to submit a ticket. I have seen in the past few weeks many different scenarios of customers who need all sorts of different configuration changes to their credit reporters. In some cases, there is updated credits mapping needed, adding child credits, migrations etc. We are working through those items, but if you have not seen an update, please provide a comment on the ticket and our support team can get back to you.

We do charge for MOC credit reporting on EthosCE. You can still report manually to ACCME via CME passport. One of the larger initiatives for 2024 is to create a Universal Credit Engine. I spoke about this briefly on the User Group Webinar. I bring this up as one of the main features of this engine is to centralize credit reporting to any accrediting body, including ACCME. During the product development cycle of this item, pricing analysis will be done to help guide how we offer this to our Customers. I appreciate the feedback that price is a hinderance at the moment so we will be sure that comes into consideration during our rollout phase of that offering.

We have the MOC Credit Reported Add-on but still have to do all this manually :frowning:

Thanks, Jen. It has been several months since the collaboration/requirements were announced and went live. We have not requested custom settings or configurations but are still experiencing issues with the MOC credit reported add-on.
Has anyone heard from the ABS if they are aware and are willing to extend the deadline beyond 12/31/2023?

We report manually. We will not purchase the add-on since it has never worked consistently and I am as of yet to hear of a positive experience with this aspect of the system. Anything related to PARS is done manually in our shop.

We already paid for the MOC add on in July of 2023 and are still waiting for this to be assigned to a PM. Has anyone else had issues with this with ETHOS? We are very disappointed this is taking so long to implement

yes. We have ABS. we also requested ABOS and another one last fall and we’re still waiting for them to add it. We’re significantly frustrated with the lack of service. One of our professions maps incorrectly and we’ve been waiting for them to fix it since July. We’ve reached out to several people with no movement. This is painful.

Agree! What is the solution or options to get this escalated to be addressed.

What is the implementation time for the MOC module. It has been paid for since July of 2023? It is now 8 months . I find this is extremely frustrating to have to wait this long

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