RSS sessions order on the series page

All of our RSS coordinators are asking whether past live RSS can “drop off” from the series page. We have a 2 year cycle, so the first sessions when you go to a series page are from 2018. People have to click a few times to get to the recent/upcoming sessions. I know they can click the date column to make the newest first, but this isn’t a total solution because a. it requires end learners to know to do this and b. we have future sessions visible even before approval, so some of our coordinators have sessions in various stages of completion months in advance.

Best solution would be to have sessions ordered from oldest to newest (as it is now), but anything that is older than “today” will not show up. Anyone else with me?

Ok - I am seeing a little bit of a problem with what I wrote. We also have departments that require people to complete an eval or assessment after the session is over.

Best option would be to have RSS that are not complete be in “pending activities” for the learners who attended, for easy access, otherwise we would maybe want to keep the link on the series page for 2 weeks or so? So maybe dates from oldest to newest, but anything older than today -2 weeks doesn’t show up?

Should I add another product request to have pending RSS sessions show up for the learner somewhere in their profile?

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