RSS Session Reordering or "hiding" of completed sessions

Does anyone have an elegant or better solution to this question brought up last year? RSS sessions order on the series page

We report yearly and some of our sessions are weekly. As you can imagine we now have quite a few pages of sessions and it forces users to click and navigate through the session list.
Is there a way to set the default sorting of the listed sessions in reverse chronological order?

So far, I’ve edited the series homepage layout to include a small header widget on the Top Left, an “Upcoming Events” widget on the top right, and the list of series along the bottom.

Any suggestions or recommended solutions are appreciated.

I agree - this is not the best design for RSS. We’d love to see options. However, we also have people who create 10 ahead, often with little information in at first (and our process is to have these be visible right away for various reasons) - so we wouldn’t necessarily want it to just be reverse order either.

I really like your idea of putting in an Upcoming events widget!!

Yes, ideally a “hide from series timeline” that only hides the option for anonymous and authenticated users, but still shows the sessions to series admins or moderators.

Another thing I’ve done is on the left hand menu for the series, I’ve gone to Admin>Features and enabled the Calendar feature.

The calendar is then listed on the side menu as a clickable option and allows us to browse in a more visual way. You can also add a calendar to the series home page but I think it clutters it. Maybe I’ll replace the list of series with a calendar.

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