Unpublishing content after any edits are made

Our Team is experiencing issues with Ethos unpublishing content after any edits are made, but not at the time of the edits, so we are not able to catch it and republish.

For example, classes are disappearing from the course catalog because the published box is unchecked.

Need suggestion on how to resolved this issue

Oh my gosh that’s terrible. We have not experienced this - at least I don’t think so! I will tell my team to be on the lookout. Have you put in a ticket? Have you checked the Revisions tab of any course this has happened to, to see if you can figure out when it happened?

Hi Lisa! This looks like a support issue, and we’d be happy to help you out with this. Can you please open up a support ticket outlining your issue with courses un-publishing? Specific examples and screenshots are always appreciated by our support team!

EthosCE Not saving.pdf (460.3 KB)
Ethos complete update summary of the courses that were impacted by Ethos (1).pdf (82.8 KB)

This issue has been RESOLVED