Upcoming Cadmium User Group Webinar

Join us on November 28th at 2pm ET for an exciting product update during our User Group Webinar – we can’t wait to see you there!


Please record for those unable to attend.



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@pbooker If you register ahead of time, you will be notified when the recording is made available.

I just watched the recording and had some questions that I’m hoping someone here may be able to answer.

  • How will the new Single Sign-on update be implemented, specific to each client or system-wide? If it’s the latter, how will this affect learners registered to more than one Ethos platform managed by different clients?
  • Will the new On-Site event portal work with EthosCE live courses?
  • We had been told an Ethos-specific app would be coming in 2023, this had been discussed as far back as 2021. Is this still in the works or has the Ethos-Specific app been scrapped from the roadmap?

It would be great to get some EthosCE-specific updates in general. The webinar was very focused on other Cadmium products. It would be great to hear as a client what improvements/features are in the works for us.

AGREED - unless there is going to be a separate Ethos User Group Webinar to discuss product updates and roadmap?

Appreciate all the feedback on the User Group Webinar. We are in the process of reimagining User group webinars for 2024 that will address both higher level Cadmium initiatives like the one this past week and also more product line specific needs. More to come here, so stay tuned!

Do you have a recording of the presentation on Nov 28?

It should be available on Cadmium University if you preregistered.

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