Where can I learn more about Drupal?

Hi there!

I do not know much about Drupal - where can I learn more?


Check out Drupal.org. Chances are, if you have a question, you can find the answer there.

IRC (internet relay chat) is another great place for support, especially the #drupal-support channel. For more information about accessing IRC, read http://drupal.org/irc

Most larger communities have regular Drupal meetups. Look for a local group in groups.drupal.org.

There are lots of training sessions, for example, Acquia’s training events.

There are lots of great videos on YouTube, and Google can help you find more, but for professionally produced training videos, we recommend Lullabot’s Drupalize.me where you can subscribe to a library of videos.

Finally, check your local bookstore or an online store for books. There are lots!

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