ADA Compliance?

Good morning, Ethos Community.

My IT team is asking about ADA compliance on our Ethos site. Do you know of any one place that this information is located/cataloged? Have you had experience with this?

Thank you,

Hi Laurie,

These links should be of some assistance to you:

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Remy Perez

Hi, Remy.

I’m looking for information specifically about Ethos/Cadmium.


I would be interested in EthosCE/Cadmium specific information as well.
We have worked with our organization for our WordPress site to be compliant, but the EthosCE/Cadmium site doesn’t do a lot of these things.

Hi @lisenberg + @Baphomet,

I would be more than happy to provide you both with some of our WCAG compliance resources specific to EthosCE. Please reach out to me directly at


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