Any interest in a Meet Up the Day Before User Group Meeting


Hello All,

I work for The Permanente Medical Group/Kaiser Permanente, in California. We implemented EthosCE almost two years ago. I was wondering if there would be any interest in a “Meet Up” in Philly the day before the User Group Meeting. I’d like to use the opportunity to network, share experiences, and talk about anything related to Ethos.

Please reply to the string and if there is interest, I’ll be happy to organize.

Lisa Lau


It will be 2 yrs for us as well this year.

I am interested. Late afternoon or evening preferably.

Paula Booker, MSN, RN

Manager, Support Services (CSL) | BAYADA Home Health Care

4300 Haddonfield Rd, West Building, Pennsauken, NJ, 08109

O: 856-778-5300 | Cisco Ext: 003013 | Fax 856-778-7411 |


We’ve had EthosCE for almost 7 years, and I’ve been working with it for 4 years - 3 of those very intensely.

I’m flying in mid-afternoon and would LOVE to meet up with anyone who’s interested, at any time after about 4:30.


Hi from Philly

I won’t be at users meeting (we have a conference) but will be sending some staff. But if a meeting comes together the day before, I’ll do my best to be there

Jeanne G. Cole, EdD

Assistant Dean, CME

Sidney Kimmel Medical College at

Thomas Jefferson University

Twitter: @JeffCME

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I am a new EthosCE user (implemented Jan 2018) and would love to meet up.

Marion E. Talbot
Continuing Education Coordinator III
Baystate Continuing Interprofessional Education
3601 Main St., Springfield,MA
Telephone: 413-794-9783


If a meeting does come together please let me know, I would be interested in joining!

Julie Eagan | LMS Coordinator
Aurora Health Care
Aurora Sinai Medical Center / Outpatient Health Center
ph: 414-219-5497


I hope to be flying in the day before (unless they have the interest and a training seminar for the 2-days before). I would like to join as well.

Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic


Where is everyone staying?

Jeanne G. Cole, EdD

Assistant Dean, CME

Sidney Kimmel Medical College at

Thomas Jefferson University

Twitter: @JeffCME

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I like to earn reward points for the Marriott so I’m staying about 1/2 mile away at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown at 1201 Market Street. It’s $234 a night and a little cheaper if you prepay.


Jeanne I have not booked a place yet, but I was looking at the Sonesta. It is almost right across from the Pyramid Club.


I am staying at the Sonesta. Not sure what the rate is as corporate travel booked it.


Hi there,

I am happy to hear there is interest. To include the availability of those that responded, I propose we meet from 4:30pm-6:30pm on Wednesday, April 11. Hopefully for those that might be doing the 2 day training, you would be done by then as well. There is a coffee shop called Elixr Coffee Roasters located at 207 S Sydenham Street in Rittenhouse Square that looks like they have some nice space to gather.

Let me know your thoughts!



Sounds great to me! I would also like to join as we too just launched our LMS this January.

Thanks for working to set this up!

Jessica Johnson, CMP

Director, Education and Meetings

The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America


That sounds great! See you all on Wednesday evening, April 11 at about 4:30!!


I wish I could make it. . . Our flight gets in at 6.30pm. Is anyone meeting later?

Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic



No reason we couldn’t meet for dinner after the meet-and-greet. There’s an Italian place not far from Elixr called Bellini Grill that sounds pretty good. What time do you think? If your flight gets in at 6:30, is 7:30 too soon? Would 8:00 be better?


After we decide on a time, I’m happy to make a dinner reservation if everyone who’s planning to go will let me know.


You guys are great! 8pm would probably be perfect if everyone is up for it.



Well I’m up for 8:00. Chime in, anyone who wants to get authentic Philly Italian on the 11th, and I’ll make a reservation.


Hi everyone,

I think it’s a great idea to continue our conversation on Wednesday as well. We have a third colleague coming in later that evening and we were hoping to have dinner with her as well. I found this cute place I wanted to try called Talula’s Garden that has great reviews.

It’s a pretty big place too that looks like it could accommodate a bit party.

Anyone opposed to switching the dinner location or did you have your heart set on Bellini Grill?

Have a great week!