Any interest in a Meet Up the Day Before User Group Meeting


I am not tied to any particular restaurant. I was just looking for something close to the coffee place. Talula’s looks great, and is totally walkable.

So far we have…6? 7? Susan, you didn’t say how many are coming from Mayo. Any others? We have time, but I should make the reservation in the next 3 weeks.


Well, Talula’s is out. They are booked up for groups larger than 3-4. Back to Bellini, or does anyone else have any suggestions?


Thanks for checking. There are 4 total from us at Kaiser Permanente.


So right now we’re looking at 7-8 between me, KP and Mayo.


Here are a few places within walking distance that look to have availability for 8 on OpenTable:


Hi. I will be there and sounds like fun!


If we plan on meeting later I would like to attend as well–


Okay, so that’s 10 so far. How do you all feel about Alma De Cuba?


Sounds and looks good to me. :yum:


Okay, having casual (non meeting-related) parties larger than 6-8 doesn’t appear to be the norm for any of these restaurants, both from a seating and a serving standpoint. I’m open to talking with a meeting coordinator at Alma De Cuba, but don’t want to take the time without having fairly firm numbers. It looks like we’re up to 10, so I would want make a reservation for 12 to give us a little padding (and I can downsize more easily than I can add to the number). Going with this means the restaurant will recommend a fixed menu (vs. allowing us to order a la carte) which doesn’t thrill me, either.

This is a bit foreign to me because in Milwaukee you show up with a dozen people and the hostess says, “How many? 12? Okay, we’ll push some tables together for ya. Ashley, your section isn’t full so Jason’s gonna help you with this large party right here.” I have seriously had that happen more times than I could count.

So I want a decent sit-down place with a solid menu, preferably NOT a chain restaurant (local chain would be fine, but definitely not national), that won’t freak out when I say I want to make a reservation for 12. Thoughts, DLC staff?



How is Xochitl?


It’s kinda far, though…1.5 miles from Elixr


Estia is right around the corner and has an opening for 12:

I think it looks amazing. I’m going on per diem and not actually paying out-of-pocket, though, and it IS a bit pricey. Take a look and let me know.


Hey Everyone,
So glad to see big plans like this coming together. I did some quick searching and found 3 restaurants that have room for 12.

  • Estia is $$$$ and has a great reputation.
  • Sanpan is only $$$ is right in the heart of a great little shopping district called Midtown Village
  • Continental Midtown is $$ and a lot of fun
  • Caribou Cafe is $$ and near Jefferson

All 4 of these, yes I said 3 but couldn’t stop myself, have room for 12 on Open Table for April 11. Let us know if you have any more questions!!



@gradecki , you crack me up :joy::rofl:

I agree with Joel, Continental Midtown usually can fit larger groups and is fun.

There is a fancy new Cheesecake Factory nearby, also Fogo de Chão. I know they are chains, but hey, everyone seems to like them. :man_shrugging:


I’d pass on Caribou given the other options available in Philly; Sampan has the BEST edamame dumplings, not sure they will do reservation for group (and noisy)

(trying to arrange schedule to join in still) We’ve had staff lunches at both Fago de Chao (good for meat eaters) and Cheesecake Factory.

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My vote is for Estia (wonder if we can order from theater menu) or Sanpan.

I prefer not to do any chains either.



Thank you for doing this! Estia looks like a great option.



Okay, reservation for 12 made for Estia, at 8:00 pm on Wednesday, April 11. Please give me your first and last names and email addresses so I can keep a running tally of attendees, and so I can contact you if anything changes.