Bulk Session Changes


Our CME programs are very series heavy, which means that they have A LOT of sessions. Very often, they have to change something on all sessions in a series (imagine 52 sessions), and it’s very time consuming to have to go into every single session to make the change (e.g. to the title, description, etc.). We’d like to see a way to edit sessions in bulk. For example, being able to select the sessions to change, making the change on one edit page, and then having that change applied to the selected sessions. Anyone else interested?


We end up touching our virtual annual meeting recordings (this year a whopping 80 courses) multiple times during the build phase because of turning empty shells into actual courses or adding new information (or updating something we missed, or…). Being able to add an identical phrase to the registration tab or overview description to every course in the series would be WONDERFUL.


Yes, we also would benefit from that feature.

Laurie Isenberg
Life Chiropractic College West
Hayward, California


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