RSS Session Overwriting

Maybe this is an “us” problem but the way we function, we have coordinators/session admins out in the clinic who help set up our sessions. We find that they overwrite previous sessions when they go to clone/copy a session. We have told them to make sure they are working in the new one, but this is a common occurrence. Is there a way to prevent this? Why doesn’t EthosCE prevent people from being able to do this if there are already people receiving credit in the course report? Is this a feature that could be added or are we just missing something? Thank you!

For RSS, at the start of the year we build 1 session in each series, for the coordinators to copy from. This way they are not copying from sessions that have content in them or sessions that people claimed credit on.

We made a session we labeled TEMPLATE Session. We had them copy the first one from that and then had them delete it. They were then instructed to copy from the previous session. So, you recommend keeping the template session and having them always copy from that? An issue is that the Template session shows up in searches sometimes - ideally we would not want external people to see this. Not sure how to work around that. Thanks for the suggestion.

Yes-we do something similar and add TEMPLATE or SAMPLE at the end of the title so we know to use that one to clone…


We create a template session as well. We keep it unpublished so external people don’t see it.

Thank you all for your help!

Of course! Best wishes.