Changes to content / global css do not appear changed immediately


Sometimes when I edit a course or page and change content, it doesn’t update immediately. Why not? This also often happens when you have me add something to the global CSS field.

Hello @melc!

This is happening because of caching on the website. Caching is a way of saving commonly used elements so that they don’t have to be reprocessed by the server and database. This delivers the page much faster, but can cause changes not to appear immediately. Caching can happen at the website and browser.

You can clear this cache to make your content changes show up immediately.

How to clear your browser cache
In Chrome, select from the top drop-down: Chrome > Clear Browsing Data. Check “Cached Images and files” and click the “Clear browsing data” button.

In Internet Explorer, select from the top drop-down: Tools > Internet Options > Delete. Check “Temporary Internet Files” and click delete.

Sometimes, the cache clearing area in the browser will move depending on the browser version, but a quick google search will provide results on clearing your specific browser’s cache.

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