EthosCE Analytics FAQ

EthosCE Analytics FAQ

How often is data updated?
Data is updated in near real-time. In practice you should see data refresh within minutes.

Why don’t I see data updates?
EthosCE Analytics caches data to improve performance, so the report you are viewing may be cached. You can clear the Analytics cache by clicking a dashboard pane or a report and clicking ctrl-shift-return.

When should I expect to see new fields appear?
Schema changes such as new fields are propagated weekly on Wednesdays.

Why are some of my custom fields missing?
If you have more than one custom field with the exact same name, it will not appear in EthosCE Analytics automatically. For example, a field called “Specialty” that appears on both the course and the user profile. Let us know and we will work with you to address this.

How can I schedule recurring emails?
We have documentation and a video here.

Why doesn’t all my data show up when downloading a dashboard?
The dashboard download feature only downloads the data shown on screen. If you need all the data in one of the tabs, you must download it separately.

Why do some dashboards and reports not show my site’s custom fields?
Public dashboard and reports are shared by all EthosCE customers and therefore cannot contain custom fields. Let us know if you think one of these reports needs to have custom fields and why.

What is the difference between Group EthosCE Analytics and Public EthosCE Analytics?

  • Group EthosCE Analytics are custom to your site. The dashboards and reports will have your custom course and profile fields as filters and fields.

  • Public EthosCE Analytics are reports that do not have your custom fields and filters. “Public” does not mean your data is exposed to others, only that the report formats are shared among all EthosCE Analytics users.

Can I build my own report?
This feature is scheduled for fall 2018 and will be available as an add-on.

How can I request a new core report?
Let us know what you would like to see in the report in the EthosCE Analytics thread.

Will you build a custom report or dashboard for a fee?
Yes, just open a support ticket with the request and include all the fields you would like to see. If you want a visualization such as bar or doughnut chart include that as well.

Why isn’t all my data available?
As of August 2018, this is the initial release of EthosCE Analytics. Future releases will include more data fields, including user roles, evaluations, questions responses, and more.
Full text fields are not included in EthosCE Analytics.

Can I aggregate evaluation data?
As of August 2018, evaluation data is not exposed to EthosCE Analytics. However we are working on it and expect it to be available in the near future.

What technology is behind EthosCE Analytics
Looker Data Sciences is the technology behind EthosCE Analytics. They provide a user guide that may be of interest, however keep in mind that not all Looker features may be available in EthosCE Analytics.

Which users are able to use Analytics? Site Admins only or others?

Access to reports is context sensitive and also controlled by the user’s role(s).

Site admins and course admins have access to all reports, except for other users’ personal reports. This is role-based access and the permission is global for the site.

Series/learning group admin have access to group/series reports. This is context based access and only applies in the context of the group.

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