Make Sign Up Confirmation messages customizable per course

We have to get creative sometimes with the setup of our courses and often, the messages that pop up when you signup for a course are not universal and can be confusing depending on the type of course it is (i.e. video course, seminar, self-study, etc). We would love to be able to either (1) change that message for each course OR (2) choose whether we want the sign-up confirmation message to display per course

I would like for these messages to be customizable, too, and I thought I heard a rumor that this might be coming in the future. DLC staff can confirm or deny this! :slight_smile:

We have struggled for a long time with the confusion many of these messages cause for our end users. You can contact DLC for language to add to the global CSS field to block some things, both for specific courses and site-wide, if it really becomes a problem. We have done this and it has really helped.

Oh good idea! I guess my problem right now lies in that we don’t have anyone at my company, myself included, who knows how to edit and mess with CSS code, so a lot of the stuff we can change we are struggling with. Guess it might be time for me to find a class, eh? :slight_smile: Thanks again for your feedback!

I am learning, and have been able to do some of this myself, but I usually just put in a ticket asking for the language to copy and paste into the global CSS field and they send it to me. A couple of things to remember if you do this: ALWAYS copy and paste ALL global CSS info into a Word doc that you save somewhere just before deployments in case something gets dropped, and when you add something to this field you have to go into your browser’s history and clear the cache in order to see the changes.

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