Data from Outside Programs

Wondering if we are unique or others run into the same problem…
We have a lot of enduring programs that are hosted on other platforms such as MyCME or the like. When it comes time for PARS reporting we import this data (we call it ‘data from outside’) into our LMS and for the first time it will be Ethos this year. We don’t import directly to PARS because we want the data for our internal annual reporting and other data analysis.

Does anyone else do this? and if so, how do you deal with this data import if you have multiple accreditations? We’re currently ACCME and ANCC accredited. (working towards JA, but that’s a year away.) I can import data at the physician/non-physician level and this is fine for PARS reporting but since there is no webservice with NARS, there is no where to house these numbers. Does anyone use some sort of field to manually enter nurse numbers? though, that’s tricky since we actually need more professions than simply nurses for NARS. Curious ow others handle this or if I need to see if we can have some fields built in.


Hi Elizabeth! Yes, this can be accomplished via our standard course import feature! You would create course shells(if the courses do not already exist in EthosCE) and then import the records:

Here is our data dictionary:

Hope this helps!

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