Imported course records

Does anyone know if an imported course that has credit activated on it will show up on the PARS XML report?

Update to my question:

I import our journal completions via the global importer so journal article completions (when they carry CME) can be found in the users’ completed activities vs. sending them back to Elsevier to find it. I just discovered through a search on the Atlassian EthosCE wiki that using the global importer prevents these ‘imported courses’ from showing on the PARS report because this function is designed for legacy data.

I don’t have time to build actual course shells for the journal articles–there are just too many each year. Would anyone else benefit from being able to do mass uploads via the global course record importer that could show up on PARS reports (maybe a checkbox that would toggle that feature on if needed)?

And another post…These imported courses appear to show up on global course reports, so why can’t they show up on PARS?

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