We are having issues with ETHOS reporting correct information to ACCME

Is anyone else having issues and if so how are you reporting correct numbers etc?

I’m finding problems with dates, especially for live courses. I’ve been pulling reports and adjusting manually, unfortunately.

Are you using webservice? Webservice appears to be overriding ACCME manual adjustments - information from Ethos overrides adjustments in ACCME. We are holding off finalizing reporting until things get fixed.

We have a custom PARS export module because of the way our programs are set up. Currently, we are getting an error message when trying to download our xml. We are still waiting for this fix.

However, in the past we’ve had these issues:

  • Attendance numbers (ethos pulls enrollment numbers)
  • Dates (because of time zones)

We’ve had to manually adjust these.

Hi Everyone,

We’ve been informed a PARS + JA PARS bug fix release should go out this week (3/14-3/18). We are hopeful this release will address many of the known issues we’ve reported!


Hi Lisa, I just did my first upload (xml to PARS) and was shocked by the numbers. As you outline, the export is enrollments, not those that claimed credit. Do you have a fix or easy button for correcting this? Have you implemented something with Ethos to force it to pull those that claimed credit instead?

Hi Jen,

This is a bit complicated.

In the past, we uploaded attendance for most of our activities except for our RSS’s. We went along with the enrollment numbers on the RSS’s because they were actually closer to the attendance numbers than those that claimed credit.

In the last two years with Virtual meetings, we ended up providing numbers from our actual attendance list based on feedback we got from our State accreditor:

When reporting the number of learners for an internet enduring material activity, you should count all learners who completed all or a portion of the activity and whose participation can be verified in some manner. The accreditor would not consider individuals that only downloaded or accessed the activity but did not actually complete a portion of it to be learners.
Though this references enduring materials specifically, it is also relevant for any activity. You would report any learner that you can verify participated, regardless of if they claimed CME credit.

Hope this helps.

This really helps Lisa! The unfortunate thing is that this will most certainly increase the fees to ACCME since they now invoice us based on the number of activities or learners (whichever is higher). So now the only thing I need to fix is that somehow my MDs ended up as non-MDs in the reporting - I think it is an issue with the api from our member database - I’ve got a ticket in for that. :slight_smile:

It sounds like this is something that needs to be ironed out on a global level for all people who are reporting to PARS or JAPARS using webservice or otherwise.

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