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Last time I posted this was in 18. I am currently working with a department who wants to create a closed learning community, but they were shocked to find out they couldn’t email the group. They are looking to drive their members to this site regularly - new materials, news, discussions, etc., as well as courses/webinars.

Would want not only group email fxnality, but scheduled email capabilities, and possibly auto emails when something new has happened on the site (or weekly summary) as well. Is anyone else having a hard time using the communities to their fullest because of the lack of group email? This seems like something that should be a basic feature for any community.

Kinda like how I get emails from this community, eh?

This is a major reason we haven’t pushed learning groups with faculty or really use them at all.

We find that the lack of notification capabilities renders these groups almost useless because admins don’t want to have to go all the extra miles to facilitate discussions. You can download members information and then do e-mails outside of the group but that’s more work. I don’t really know a forum or discussion board that doesn’t have notification capabilities.

It’d be great if learning groups had them, it would increase usability for us.

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