Email learners in OG/learning community

We are creating “learning communities” using OG/learning groups. Is there a way to email all of the people in the learning group?

Hi, Julie:

There isn’t a direct way to email members of a learning group. How do you envision using your learning communities? Will there be regular calendar items, courses, and/or discussions? Are you hoping to use email to send reminders, regular email series (like e-newsletters), etc.? Totally brainstorming here:

Because you can build courses that are attached to the learning groups automatic reminders can be set up through them, so I’m assuming that’s not part of this question. However, if you are hoping to run a regularly scheduled email series, such as an e-newsletter at a specified interval, you could set the whole thing up as a parent course. Then you’d create the content as a child course with its own reminders. The plus side to this is that you’d be driving members to your site regularly to read the newsletter, and then you can highlight related online content in the learning group itself. A bonus would be that you’d have all that content archived for ease of access down the road, both for yourself and for your end users.

If you’re just hoping to streamline the process when you want to send periodic emails, the only way to do this is to download a spreadsheet of the group members and copy and paste their email addresses into an email. To do this, you would click on the Group tab, select People, then scroll to the bottom and click on the CSV link to run the report. Depending on the size of your group, it shouldn’t take much time to run.

DLC might consider adding some kind of email option to learning groups, since an easy emailing option to group members could be another plus to creating and maintaining them in the first place. (hint, hint, Ezra!) :slight_smile:

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