Email Service - Marketing Feature


Our office recently reached out to Ethos regarding email marketing. We currently pay for Constant Contact (and previously MailChimp) for all of our email marketing campaigns. Essentially, all of these campaigns are directing users back to Ethos. We were wondering if anyone would be interested in having an email marketing feature built into EthosCE. Joel had said it has been requested in the past but had too many complexities and regulations and they did not move forward but he suggested we post it here to see if there is more interest.

Features we would be looking for are:
• Developing email campaigns that are consistent to course branding (including color schemes) – see a few examples attached
• Being able to reach a list of contacts that don’t all have Ethos accounts
• Monitoring the involvement and using the reporting to follow up
• Being whitelisted and the number of emails that successfully go to people’s mailboxes
• Sign up feature so people add themselves to our lists
• Reliable sending
• an option for people to opt out of the email marketing only (or people who have opted out in their profile be removed).

If you are interested in this potential feature, please feel free to add other things you would like to see incorporated.

DMU would be interested in exploring this option. We also use MailChimp and our email list is pulled directly from EthosCE.

We are just now implementing Ethos as we work through the launch process, but we have always planned for email marketing as part of our work. I asked about this functionality during our demonstration. While we plan to use a standalone tool to meet this need as long as necessary, I would love to see Ethos follow the same type of third party integration for email as has been done with reporting and video. I’ve worked with email marketing applications such as MailChimp for over 12 years, and would be glad to test this in the future.