Reminder for follow up evalutaion

How do/can I link a reminder email to a follow up evaluation from a live course? I have tried to send after live end date ends and specific date neither of those seem to work. Any suggestions?

Hi @julie.butler-eagan, can you provide more information about how you have the reminder configured?

Have you checked the mail log to ensure they are not getting caught in a spam filter?

I have checked spam and nothing was there. the attached image is how I have it set up in a test course for now. Will it have an effect on the reminder if I add others after the enrollment date? It seems straight forward but I am not having luck. When I click on send test there is no issue.

Also can I set up the reminder after the live course end date? Some people do not register in Ethos they just show up. I would like to make sure those people are captured in the reminder. If it is easier I can put a ticket in.

You can use the Search and enroll (bulk) feature to add walk-in enrollees. The only problem here is if they don’t have an account. We get around that by making sure we collect email addresses from walk-ins when they sign in–our minimum requirement is name and email address to set up an account in our AMS, which is linked to EthosCE via SSO–and then we create accounts for them. This wouldn’t work for large meetings with a lot of walk-ins, but ours tend not to be huge and most people pre-register so it’s not a heinous task to do a few on the back end.

When you set up the course you can do reminders and set them to go out XX days after XX token (i.e., 30 days after the live event date) and then everyone who is registered should get the reminder, even the ones you added later. We have started doing this to remind people to do post-tests/evaluations/credit claiming after meetings–credit claiming for these activities stays open for a long time (meetings Jan - June are open through Dec 31 and meetings July - Dec stay open through next June 30), so it was hit-or-miss remembering to send out emails before we realized EthosCE could do it for us reliably.

One thing I should say, though, is that we have found that many of our members at institutions sometimes don’t get the automatic emails from EthosCE because their hospitals or universities have wicked security and their firewalls don’t let them through. The solution is to ask these people to request that their IT/IS departments put EthosCE on a safe senders list, which we have found works pretty well.

Can you provide the statement you use for a link to the post-test in the reminder when you set up the course. I want to make sure I am setting up correctly.


@julie.butler-eagan Can you send me a message with the URL of your course? We’ll have a look.

You can send a PM by clicking my icon and using the message feature.

Have you found anyway to send reminders only to those who haven’t completed the evaluation? Our association has a very conservative email policy so it is seriously frowned upon sending a reminder to someone who has already completed.

Also we have been trying to figure out how to send an automatic email, (ie. meeting is over go complete your evaluation) but haven’t quite figured out the right logic to use in the course reminders.

@hjranels, wouldn’t the inactivity reminder help with sending emails to only those who haven’t completed the evaluation?

The setup above will send a message 10 days after the learner has been given access to the Program Evaluation, but has not proceeded. The same could be set up for the “attendance” course object in a course for getting a message out to those who need to come back and complete an evaluation.


If Ethos can figure this part out that would be great!

We get several complaints from those who have already completed and still receive a reminder.

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