Enhancement - Coupon Management - E-Commerce

Current state is one can generate a report of named coupons with order number and order date.

With the new platform and a newer commerce engine (uber cart is 10 years old), we would like to filter coupons by course in addition to coupon name. Ideally, this would be through selection.

An old and closed thread (June 2021) exists on other coupon requests.

An additional suggestion would be for Cadmium to leave threads open and to update if an enhancement is under consideration for future releases. Having to enter product suggestions on community and also into JIRA is a duplication of efforts. In either this thread or in a future customer call, it would be useful to the customer community for Cadmium to address its processes.

I could NOT agree with you MORE!

I wish discount codes would fall off automatically into the “Inactive” group once they’ve expired. Currently have to manually do this. Would also love to have search and filter options.

On your last point, I also agree. Often it feels like this is a void where suggestions are left to wander the nether. There are alot of suggestions that have multiple threads, threads with high vote counts, but there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason behind suggestions being addressed (if they even are). It would be beneficial for there to be a system that works for Cadmium but is known to us as well.

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Thanks for the feedback. We will definitely add this to part of the evaluation for the new commerce modules.

In regards to feature requests, we do often refer to this community in our internal tickets so your voice is definitely heard, though I appreciate that we can do a better job of acknowledging and follow through :smile:. Please continue to post ideas here as it helps to get validation from the greater community of the importance. We are also working on identifying a better process for requests, so stay tuned!