External Credit - bulk upload and give ability to others

I see there was some interest in this about a year ago. We are starting to have people ask about the external credits feature. We would like to see two things potentially:

  1. As discussed before, we would like to see ability to upload credit letters in bulk. I understand there would need to be some process discussion since each individual credit letter would need name/date/# credits filled out.
  2. Would anyone else be interested in allowing other roles be able to upload credit letters for someone else? From what I can tell, not even a site admin can upload for someone else (we have attempted it to test, and it looks like you can, but then nothing shows up when you go back to check.) We are not willing to masquerade as others to do this - against our security policies and protocols.

There are other areas in the system where bulk upload would be helpful. We have RSS coordinators who must upload numerous documents before a session, and right now they have to do one by one. Maybe I should create a new topic for bulk upload of files in general?

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