Faculty form due date

When you add faculty to a course and assign forms, I don’t see a way to indicate a due date to the faculty. How do you handle this?

Do you say something generic in the auto-email like “all assigned forms due 7 business days after receipt” or do you have another approach?

We handle deadlines by sending the invitations through Outlook. This works well to communicate with our Faculty, customize messages and emphasize the deadlines. I know our audience needs that deadline in bold and the first thing they see. Then I just add the link to our site and this has been working well for the first year.

Regarding bios and photos, we have had no issues with inappropriate or irrelevant content being displayed and our particular association members know what to post.

Thanks for responding! So the faculty get two emails, one canned email from Ethos with the link to the faculty dashboard and then you send one from Outlook as well with the deadlines in it? Then you add what link to what site? Sorry, I haven’t had enough coffee yet.


We only use one email - from Outlook with the deadlines and a link to our AUAUniversity homepage with a few brief instructions about how to log in and complete forms. Feel free to reach out to me directly to chat as well - hscofield@auanet.org.

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