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This is my first post. I am wondering how do you provide a link for credit claim in a course that we are not taking registration for?

We put any courses 1 to 4 hours in length that do not require pre-registration in the RSS module so that participants can text the SMS code for attendance, then complete the requirements and collect credit.

When setting this up in the RSS module, we change the Format from RSS to Conference/meeting.

very interesting. Thank you so much. The course I am mentioning is a Joint Provider course, 4 day course where we only provide the CME. I am struggling how to make this work in Ethos.

I’m not sure I have the whole picture of what you need, but would this work for you?

If you can get a list of people who attended, you can upload the list - either with their credit already indicated, or just upload them and then have them come into the system to claim credit. If you want to talk further about this, feel free to email me

Also FYI, people can text in attendance to regular activities, not just an RSS feature…

Thank you Julie. However we have several of these courses monthly and uploading to every course is not an option. We were told that we could provide a link to these activities where participants could click on the link and create a profile then go straight into the evaluation and claim their credit. However, when we put the dates of a multi day conference into the course in Ethos, it closes the enrollment on the first day of the conference and no one is able to claim because the enrollments have closed. We are new to Ethos and this has been incredibly frustrating to us.

Hi Susan,

Under Administration > Configuration > People > Signup settings, you can set the number of hours before or after the event when signups/enrollments will no longer be allowed. You can use negative numbers to close signups after the event start (example: -12).

One limitation here is that this will be used as the default for all of your live courses, so I am not sure if that will meet your needs.

Now that you mention it, we do have one multiple day course offered 2 times per year. We also set it up in the RSS module as there was no way to keep track of attendance any other way without a lot of behind the scenes work. Attendees had to log in to Ethos to create their record and add a mobile number. You can set the requirements for texting the code. Each day, each segment, etc.

Our registration closes 50 hours after the last day of the course. I am not sure how to set up the global variable to mark when enrollment closes. @EthosCE2014 - could you help to answer this?

Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic

Since you brought it up… we’ve been wondering how to take attendance via text for multi-day seminars. We were told that we could only have one code per course. How do you take daily attendance for 2 days running with only one code per course?

Laurie Isenberg
Life Chiropractic College West

I haven’t done this yet but my guess would be child courses, where each child course has an attendance code.

For a multi-day live event like that you would have to create a child course for each individual session, have a parent for each day, and then a parent for the conference itself…?

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Susan, do you mean how many hours before/after the start of the course that a person can still register?

Global registration time limit can be changed at Administration > Configuration > People > Signup Settings.

Curious how you set yours for 50 hours after the last day of the course. We would like to do it this way, but it seems to be triggered by the number of hours relevant to the event start. For us, we have the number “-144,” which means people can register for a course up to 144 hours after the start of the course. We did this mostly because we have multi-day courses and people may register and attend only the last day or so.

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