Floating save button on the edit pages

Some of our coordinators have requested having a floating save button on the course/session edit page so that they don’t have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to save their changes. Is anyone else interested in this?

That would be amazing! I would absolutely love that feature!

YES!!! And in our opinions, it doesn’t even have to be floating–just one at the top and one at the bottom to split the difference would be fine with us.

Like the idea especially top-bottom idea

If you support this idea, don’t forget to vote for it! Only Vallerie has so far.

I vote yes for this type of change.

Would really appreciate – Vote Yes

Love the top and bottom Save button idea. Floating button, not so much!

Agreed, having one on top and bottom would be great.

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@ewolfe - Has this gotten any attention as of late? :thinking:

I was just thinking about that yesterday! Would LOVE to see a floating save button.

Hi @gmartinez,

We have a few lingering items from our Q1 Course Improvements work we plan to release before the end of 2020. This feature request is still a priority item on our roadmap. Stay tuned!

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