Folder view or archive of available certificates

Hi there, I was advised to send this on as a product suggestion. I have noticed that our list of available certificates continues to grow and sometimes it takes a few minutes to figure out the appropriate certificate for a new course, especially now that we are offering multiple types of credit. I thought it would be really helpful to have a nested folder or at the least an archive available so we could better organize what is actively available, while not deleting the older certificates which are still tied to courses in our system. I believe others would find this useful and I hope to see it integrated in the future. Thanks!

I definitely agree - an archive folder would be excellent, and being able to create multiple folders would be a bonus.


Agree - the use of search on this and other areas (i.e. Coupons) would be very helpful!

Susan Benysh, Mayo Clinic

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I WHOLEHEARTEDLY CONCUR - folders and search would be fantastic

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Agree–I would love to see this also!

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I am so glad to see that you all see the same value here as well. I think folders make sense since archive can obviously be a folder itself. I would also love the search here as well, this would be a nice timesaver as the list continues to grow.

Hi Ethos - any movement on this? I’m about to create all new 2023 certificates because our accreditation mark has changed - so we cannot keep using the old certs, but we can’t override because we can’t risk someone downloading a letter from 2020 for the FIRST TIME and getting the new mark on their letter. We currently have 165 credit letters. I’m about to add about 40 more to accommodate the new accreditation mark. This is getting ridiculous. I have tried to bring the newest to the top by using * (and now I’ll go with ** since I have used * with 2021 and 2022…) please say there is an end in sight.

yes, would love this. We also have a new accreditation statement and are updating all our certs. I’ve been numbering them “00 blah blah” to bring the most used certs to the top of the list.

I agree here and voted on this now, I had missed this thread!

I know Ezra discussed this in December and pointed out that this is what the snapshot functionality is for, but this doesn’t consider the fact that snapshots only work if a user has downloaded a certificate. The system will not automatically generate a snapshot or version of the certificate otherwise, meaning if you update a certificate after it’s already been awarded, anyone downloading it for the first time will see the newer version, even if the certificate was awarded BEFORE the certificate was changed.

This has its benefits, of course, but not all learners get their certificate immediately after an activity is completed, some wait a long time to check on this. A way to archive old versions, or at least a way to re-order the listings with row weights so we can move archived versions to the bottom, would help.

For now, instead of editing ALL your certificates to renumber them, you can always add “z-[archived]” to the older versions to move them to the bottom of the list, and keep only the active ones on top.