Certificate Snapshot Functionality Question

At the first of the year, we are updating the language on one of our mapped certificates for a specific credit type. We have a need to use our existing certificate for completions until the end of the year and if possible for courses that were created prior to 12/31. Has anyone used certificate snapshots for this type of application? Do you have any advice? When you create add a certificate snapshot, will this set snapshot for the entire site with the ability to override on some courses? Is there an ability to reset the global setting either purposely or by mistake?

Here’s what I think we would do.

  1. clone and update the original certificate with new language
  2. turn on certificate snapshots at the specified date
  3. for any open course that was created before 12/31 that is delivering certificates, manually assign the old cloned cert to these courses

Any suggestion or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
-Dave Kaye

Hi Dave,

This is the use case that certificate snapshots were designed for. When enabled, a “snapshot” of the certificate at the time it was downloaded by the user is stored in the database.

You can clear snapshots on a per-user or per-course basis but cannot enabled/disable them per course.

You approach sounds fine, but I would think that it would be easier to use the new clone for the new courses. In that way you won’t have to update all the old courses. Also worth noting that with this approach you don’t actually need snapshots as the old courses are using the existing template and the new ones using the new template. Snapshots would be helpful if you want to update a template with existing certificates that will continue to be in use both prior to and after the update.

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