Inquiring if anyone uses the Subscription add on module

We are exploring annual licensing for some of our items. I came across information about the Subscription (Add-on module) and was curious about how it is being used. I don’t understand the “role assignment” or how the required SKU is used normally.

I would appreciate any insight and instructions.

Mayo Clinic is using this Subscription Module currently for our Pharmacy Podcasts. We offer a one year subscription for $49.99. This will put a role on the learner as a Subscriber. Then, you can put a price (we put $0) on the pricing tab of the applicable courses for those Subscribers. The SKU is needed for accounting purposes. Thus, we have the PharmPodcastSKU-Sub (we use a common SKU for all the podcast, differentiating the episodes with a -1, -2, etc., and then if we have an Exhibitor for a course, we use SKU-Ex, and subscription is SKU-Sub). This allows us to track finances in the Global Course Order Report.

Make sense? Happy to talk to you or show you how it works in our system.

Susan Benysh

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